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Nowadays, English language proficiency is the basic skill for communication and business as well. It is a quality of well-educated and open-minded personality. In spite of, English have rooted up to all spheres of life and became the most common internationally recognized language (it means, a language of education, business, IT, art, etc.), people tend to widen their language reserve with other languages. The most popular ones are Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French, German and Portugal. For several reasons, these languages were introduced to the vast variety of nations mostly in XIX and XX centuries when the period of colonization has reached its peak and went into a decline.

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Foreign language schools are very spread in the developed countries and the Great Britain is not an exception. Here, there are about 1200 educational institutions teaching foreign languages, almost a quarter (4th part) are located in the capital city. This is not as simple for a newcomer to orient in such a variety, though a London dweller is also can be confused. So, if you plan to search for one in London and pick up a good personal option, consider the following tips.

First Acquaintance

Before attending classes, come to the first lesson and see the format they are taught. As a rule, it is free and the teacher will test you on your current level.

Institute Accreditation

Monitor the level of the institution which course you are to take. Have they a partnership with the Embassies or the International Affairs or do they accredited by a professional body (British Council or UK Border Agency)? Do not neglect it and do not afraid to ask about it. It is finally your money to be wisely invested in your development.

Group Size

If you are going to have group lectures, get know about its size. It is obvious, that the bigger is a group the less personal attention you will get.


Ask about the feedback you would like to receive. If you plan to build a step by step progress in language knowledge, not only for an outlook widening, you should have a portion of that progress control. A teacher should support you with a homework and self-study obviously giving you a review feedback on it.


Here is about the supplementary books and materials, which can or cannot be included in the price package.


It is important in the aspect of personal requirements. Different methodologies are targeted to enhance your speaking or writing by repetitive mode, but it is not so much efficient for the majority of people. Look for the creative and unconventional approach. It is a good point to attend a taster course.

foreign language

Teachers Qualification

Having a Cambridge ESOL’s Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) is the ‘must’, plus the certificate of the language he teaches (see other international language certificates), Better if they have a PhD in teaching or a long-term experience in this sphere.

Hope it was useful. Good luck with a choice.