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How should you learn French if you don’t live in France? Are there any effective methods to become a professional French speaker fast? What vocabulary should you start with? Where to find reliable language resources? Do you need to buy French books? Should you register for language courses?

Learning French

These issues disturb everyone who is only thinking of learning a new language. It doesn’t matter whether a person is going to learn French, Italian, or Spanish, everyone needs the same effective approaches and methods to study well. Today we’re going to talk about French particularly. Why? French is officially considered to be one of the most romantic, but at the same time one of the most difficult languages in the world. Thus, it requires special attention and special approaches. We’re going discuss some fun ways to learn the language fast and easy.

So, let’s start.

5 Effective Ways to Learn French

To learn any language fast you should be really serious about the learning process, love the language, be committed to it, and want to be a part of the community which speak that language. And French is a precise language, which requires concentration and attention.

Tips on Learning French

  • Smartphone apps. In the 21st century, we spend most our time in front of computers and smartphones. In case of studying, this can be very helpful. Download a couple of language learning apps on your smartphone and come back to studying French whenever you have a spare minute. Some of the most popular apps are DuoLingvo and Conjugaison.
  • Music. To learn French through music is one of the most effective ways ever. Make a list of your favorite French artists and listen to their songs, writing down the lyrics. It is very helpful in terms of listening to the intonation and pronunciation of the native speakers. Among popular French singers are Zaz, Christine and the Queens, Alma, etc.
  • Movies. A French movie is a great source of useful vocabulary, interesting phrases, and idioms. You can learn pretty much the whole vocabulary from French TV only.
  • Conversation classes. Even if you are not ready to visit language courses, conversation classes will be a good practice to show your knowledge, to discuss interesting topics in French, and to improve your own pronunciation in general. Such classes force you to put into practice what you’ve already learned.

Traveling French

Travelling. Even if you’re not going to live in France in the next few years, a small trip to Paris or Lyon would be helpful as well. Visit France at the winter or summer holidays to stay there for a week or two (or even a month). Being surrounded by people for whom French is a native language, communicating with them, going to the market, walking to the local shops and museums will drastically influence your knowledge of French. Speaking as much as possible with French speakers is the best practice of language you can have.