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Why do people start learning English? In the 21st century, it is difficult to find a person who considers language skills to be something minor and of no use. Yes, English is widely spoken all over the world. Nevertheless, what can this knowledge bring to your private and professional life?

learning business english

It is official – English is the language of business. Moreover, business English is like a separate area. It is some kind of subset of English. Business language divides into many other branches depending on the sphere and the field of work: for example, sales language, manufacturing language, marketing language, the finance language, etc. The simplicity of the business English is deceiving. You cannot know business language just by learning English. A professional knowledge is a necessity for finance spheres like management, accounting, and trading. Visiting special language courses is a typical thing for the people who work in those spheres. If you want to learn more and become a successful trader, you should always work on your skills, especially English skills. The online trading market is built on the knowledge of the official international language – English. The stock market is full of its own vocabulary and phrases that are needed to be known for understanding.

Why Business English?

Let us make an example. What do you imagine when hear the following words: stockbroker, IPO, ROI, bond, volatility, bull market, bear market, equity volume, freeze, and net worth? Try to make it more specific. It is about investing and a stock market. Moreover, what about these: payable accounts, receivable accounts, credits, debits, double entry, posting, gross, and journaling? Does it relate to the same theme at the previous list of words, or, maybe, is it something completely different? The last list of words one can apply more to the accounting vocabulary rather stock market vocabulary. Is there any difference? Cannot you mix different vocabularies in different spheres? The knowledge of professional English gives answers to all these questions. There are some universal business phrases and words, which suit for different spheres, and there are very specific phrases used only in one concrete area.

Professionals in different spheres talk in different variants of business English. To become successful in the field you work in, a language of specific English is needed. This is necessary for understanding what your colleagues are talking about and for supporting that conversation, offering your ideas and solutions. The stock market is about not only charts, graphics, and data. To understand the current situation on the market and to use the popular trading tools correctly, you should have at least the basics of business English.

Language Influence

In order to be a good analyst, you have to develop a certain set of skills to make your relationships with language. It helps you to see the ways of using the language.

The knowledge of English makes you more desirable for employers and partners to work with. Business English is always used at conferences and meetings. The international market is fully open only for those entrepreneurs who are good in English. In 45 countries all over the world, at least half of the population speaks English. Are you one of them?

For effective communication with your clients, partners, and stakeholders, for achieving your goals and objectives, you need to have at least a basic knowledge of professional English language.

If you are not sure still whether you need business English for work or not, just register for the language courses and make the final decision by yourself.